About us

Hi there! This is Bella's mom and here's the story on how Bella's Creative Wear came to be.

I look to Bella for inspiration and that drive to pick myself up. I look to her and see all of her efforts to communicate, feel and overcome and I use that to encourage myself. I see her and all of her joy and happiness and how I can feel joy and happiness because she experiences everything in such an amazing way. Seeing her and watching her enjoy something is the best part of my day it’s almost indescribable. The way her face lights up and there's so much emotion then her arms flap so fast I think she'll fly off. I wanted to be a part of this and create something in her namesake. Something that is for others who relate to her and our family, which allows us the opportunity to help others. Most important to me was to do something Bella would enjoy and approve of. Something I feel she would do on her own and can participate in. Bella is quite the little fashionista. She loves putting together her outfits and creating fun patterns and putting on fashion shows. Dancing and twirling in front of the mirror comes easily, so a clothing line came together quickly!

Welcome to Bella's Creative Wear. We're happy to have you.