Our Story: The Love of Austism

The Girls

Bella is where we begin. Bella who's now 9 years old! Bella was diagnosed at the age of 3 after having been in Early Intervention for almost 2 years. Since then Bella has participated in many therapies and we've been waiting and waiting and waiting ... Like many of you know the lists are long. Her favorite is Hippothearpy! Riding a horse is something she looks forward to every week and she absolutely loves being on a horse. Its is probably her favorite activity. Bella loves to explore on a nature walk, be with her family, jump on or off a trampoline! Bella is a very energetic girl who loves giggling and playing. Some of Bella's favorite things are bubbles, balloons, color changing sequins and tickles! She loves being outside or on the road in the car, wherever she is she is always watching everything. She loves to change her clothes and putting together her outfits in her own way. Bella is definitely a little "princess"!

Meet Lilly who's now 7 years old! Lilly is the best little sister. These two play all day long and are understanding when the other needs special care. Lilly is not on the spectrum but she is our brave little trooper. Lilly has Alport Syndrome, a form Kidney Disease. This requires constant care, doctor visits, check-ups, and medicines to manage her health until it is time for a more permanent alternative, transplant. Throughout all of her medical care Little Lilly has been a symbol of bravery. She is strong, great, happy and nothing gets her spirit down, Lilly can find a solution to any problem, she is strong willed and her sister Bella has been by her side throughout everything. Lilly loves to play make believe, do crafts, be outside, go on an adventure and her favorite is throwing surprise parties. Whether its Bella needing help working through a problem or Lilly needing help at the doctors these two are together like peanut butter and jelly, but the world's greatest sandwich isn't complete without the bread!

Last but certainly not least is Aryelle their older cousin. Aryelle is a bright young girl who has the upmost patience you will ever find. Always willing, helpful and there for both the girls through all of their hard times. From playing toy moderator so turns are actually taken and playing outside together, she is always teaching these two something new. Aryelle is the girls best friend and role model. Aryelle has been through many doctor appointments and therapy sessions, she is the girls number one cheerleader and supporter! Aryelle is a young teenager and she loves the color blue, her pet dog, slime, FortNite and spending time with family and friends. She's active and can always be found practicing gymnastics and doing trampoline work. Aryelle loves being creative from making slime, artwork, DIYs and creating so much of OUR wonderful artwork! Did I mention every item that you find on BellasCreativeWear intialled with AD was loving created by Aryelle, Can you even believe it? Keep an eye out for her as she grows, there are plenty of great things coming!


The Shirts

In the start of our venture into BellasCreativeWear we wanted to make sure we began with a good base. Shirts that were comfortable and soft were of extreme importance. Bella being on the spectrum I know how shirts that are rough, prints that can be felt, tags that are irritating, or stitching that irritates can ruin a day and makes some clothing not an option.

All of our items are printed on 100% Ring Spun Cotton so they will be the softest shirt in your wardrobe. The printing process is DTG (Direct-To-Garment Process) this provides a product that is lightweight and cannot be felt by the wearer. The prints and designs will be long lasting beyond 40+ washes before the shirt or the print even begin to fade. The tags are rip away so there won't be an issue and the stitches are side-seemed into the shirt so they won't lift and rub causing irritation.